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  Kelly Shaner as "Young Delilah Rose"

Kelly Shaner began her acting/modeling career two years ago at the age of 6. She played a student in Chapter 27 with Lindsay Lohan and Jared Leto. She walked the runway 3 years for Parsons School of Design fashion shows and was “The Look Book Girl” for Parsons School of Design.

She had the lead role as Little Red Riding Hood in her class play, which was the Japanese version of Little Red Riding Hood. She appeared in the pilot of "Dirty Sexy Money" that was picked up by ABC and was aired this past fall.

Kelly has appeared in Lillian Vernon Kids Catalog for 3 years.  She has spent days on location being photographed for Image Source stock photos. She has enjoyed working with this group of talented fantastic people.






• Mercedes Kent
• Jim Wheeler
• Paul Borghese
• David M. Gregory
• Victoria Gable
• Alice Leon
• Marina Ross
• Kelly Shaner
• Betty Winter
• Derek DiSeglio
• R.Pitruzzella
• L. Domenici
• R. Pantale
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