The Music  

  Alice Leon as "Gloria"

A waitress at Delilah’s Café

Alice Leon is the leader singer and namesake of THE ALICE PROJECT, is certainly a bright new voice among the classic female singer-songwriters of the post-Beatles era. With a gutsy stage presence that harkens No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani, Alice writes and sings the type of sharp, emotionally pointed lyrics and readily accessible music that place her in direct lineage from Carole King and Carly Simon to the memorable melodies of Aimee Mann and the poet-smart lyrics of Jill Sobule. The Alice Project performs on the Delilah Rose Soundtrack.









• Mercedes Kent
• Jim Wheeler
• Paul Borghese
• David M. Gregory
• Victoria Gable
• Alice Leon
• Marina Ross
• Kelly Shaner
• Betty Winter
• Derek DiSeglio
• R.Pitruzzella
• L. Domenici
• R. Pantale
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