The Music  

  Louis Domenici as "Tod Wack'em"

Born in Brooklyn, NY. Lou worked in the early 1980's assisting in the production of several projects on ABC's "Wide World of Sports".  And in 1986, on NBC's "Great and the Greatest" Bowling All-Star Tournament.  In 2003,he assisted in the design of improving "Lighting Baloons" widely used in the television and movie industry.  Property he owned  was used in the movie Men in Black.  He is now currently working with several bands in stage set-up and logistics.

Louis is also Delilah Rose's Property Master.








• Mercedes Kent
• Jim Wheeler
• Paul Borghese
• David M. Gregory
• Victoria Gable
• Alice Leon
• Marina Ross
• Kelly Shaner
• Betty Winter
• Derek DiSeglio
• R.Pitruzzella
• L. Domenici
• L. Domenici
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