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  David Myers Gregory as "George"

Delilah’s no good abusive husband. He has a taste for cheating and hunting. Loves Delilah, but never respects her.

David Myers Gregory began his professional acting career with the New York Shakespeare Festival in Richard Foreman's surrealistic production of The Golem with Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham and Oscar nominee Randy Quaid. His theatre work includes numerous theatre productions such as Balm in Gilead, Look Back in Anger, Blood Wedding, Romeo and Juliet, King Lear and Orpheus Descending among many others.

His film work began with Dan Sullivan's Religion Inc. starring Sandra Bullock and later starred in Straw Weisman's DeadMate, followed by featured roles in Soho Murders, Just Like America and the awesome short film Feed Your Head for which he was awarded the Blum Kolver Award for acting by the American Film Institute.

David has had re-accuring roles on television in "As the World Turns" as Clyde and the Warner Brother's television series "New York News" as the religious fanatic with the wonderful ensemble cast of Mary Tyler Moore, Gregory Harrison, Joe Morton, Melina Kanekederes and George C. Scott.

David is an alumni of the Juilliard School and a successful artist and gallery owner where he makes his home in Nyack, New York. His finest production will always be his son, Jonathan Gregory.

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