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  Victoria Gable as "Laura"

A sensual brunette, she works as a waitress at Delilah’s Café. Maybe life has been cruel to her but she intends to make up for it by trying to win over George.

Victoria got her start in film doing set design and costumes as well as four cameos and a bit of singing in Madonna’s first film, “A Certain Sacrifice.” After three kids, she competed and won two body-building championships, Ms. Garden State, and Ms. North America. Victoria then continued to do cameos in “Sister Senei” as the ring girl, “Grandma Maloechio” as the mob mistress, and “Heads and Tails” as a jogger and church-goer. She later landed the role as Kim in “Old Dogs and New Tricks” and the mother in “Following the Bouncing Ball.”







• Mercedes Kent
• Jim Wheeler
• Paul Borghese
• David M. Gregory
• Victoria Gable
• Alice Leon
• Marina Ross
• Kelly Shaner
• Betty Winter
• Derek DiSeglio
• R.Pitruzzella
• L. Domenici
• R. Pantale
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