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  Michael A. Witkowski - Still Photographer/ Production Assistant/Grip

Michael A. Witkowski is a still photographer, his work has been displayed at many galleries and magazines throughout the East Coast. While, he has worked many weddings, special events and personal portraits, Mike has also had the honor to teach students of the art and science of photography. He, himself, studied at the New York School of Visual Arts. Mike has a strong grasp on photography from all ends as he over 20 years managing and running photo processing labs from big chains to small retail stores, the highlight of his career was running his own store with his father for nine years. He is fluent in all forms of photography from the digital world to the classical world of film. Mike had the pleasure to do stills for two independent feature films as well as working as a grip on set.

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• Ric Pantale
• Mercedes Kent
• Ron Bucalo
• Victoria Gable
• R. Pitruzzella
• Derek DiSeglio
• Jonathan Bell
• Juliet Stewart
• Jim Keyes
• Chris Saffran
• Louis Domenici
• Michael Witkowski
• Kurt Griffith
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