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  Juliet Stewart - Key Make-Up/Hair

During twenty-three years in the industry, Juliet has practiced make-tip artistry at its highest levels. Juliet's experience includes a position with Lancome Cosmetics overseeing sales operations in twenty-six department stores. As the National Makeup Artist for Prescriptives Cosmetics (Estee Lauder Co.), Juliet worked throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia during a ten year period; and for four years was the exclusive Prescriptives National Make-up Artist for Saks Fifth Avenue.

After leaving the national artist position, Juliet became the Senior Make-up Artist for Prescriptives in its New York office. In that capacity, she trained Tommy Hlilfiger’s executives for a new cosmetic line, and advised and created new make-up images for other Estee Lauder executives and their affiliated companies. Juliet also appeared on national television representing Prescriptives, Juliet’s appreciation of the widely diverse clientele of women she has worked with has allowed her to develop a unique sensibility and understanding of women's needs and desires about their personal beauty. This has allowed her to do business today not only intelligently, but compassionately as well.

Juliet owns and operates her boutique, Juliet Stewart, International Make-up Artist in Nyack.


• Ric Pantale
• Mercedes Kent
• Ron Bucalo
• Victoria Gable
• R. Pitruzzella
• Derek DiSeglio
• Jonathan Bell
• Juliet Stewart
• Jim Keyes
• Chris Saffran
• Louis Domenici
• Michael Witkowski
• Kurt Griffith
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