The Music  

  Ron Bucalo - Assistant Director,
Special Effects, Art Director, Editor

Ron Bucalo is an illustrator based in New York. His artwork appears in a variety of entertainment industry publications, and his corporate clients have included MTV, ESPN, Busch Gardens, and SFX. As a longtime film enthusiast, he has contributed storyboards, make-up, animation, and editing to a number of professional film projects. Most recently, he worked on Piermont Pictures’ first production, The Monkey's Paw. Ron is also a didjeridu player who performs and teaches in the New York area, and records and plays with the band, Bitterweed. He studied the didjeridu among the aborigines in Australia’s Northern Arnhemland.    




• Ric Pantale
• Mercedes Kent
• Ron Bucalo
• Victoria Gable
• R. Pitruzzella
• Derek DiSeglio
• Jonathan Bell
• Juliet Stewart
• Jim Keyes
• Chris Saffran
• Louis Domenici
• Michael Witkowski
• Kurt Griffith
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