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Delilah Rose Previews
Scenes from the film to be shown at Rockland Filmakers Screenings, Rockland Community College, October 3rd, 2010

ROCKLAND FILMMAKERS brings filmmakers from Rockland County together for screening, sharing, discussion, and collaboration.

While it has been awhile we have been busy with post production work. You may be wondering what is taking so long - as you know we have a dream and each of you assisted us in fulfilling that dream by volunteering to assist us in the making of Delilah Rose. With little funding which was exhausted, early on we did capture what we needed for the film. The post production work began when filming ended, we have had some bumps and snags but have continued on and will have a final cut of the film as soon as possible.

Join us on Sunday, Oct 3rd (2-4pm) at Rockland Community College for a screening of Never Before Seen rough cut scenes from "Delilah Rose" written & directed by Ric Pantale. The run time is about an hour and fifteen minutes. Admission is free.

For fans, supporters and other persons wishing to attend, it would be helpful if you can respond so we have a head count. Please come out and show your support. We are hoping to get some much needed press from this and the numbers attending will only help.

Looking forward to hearing from you, but most of all seeing you on Sunday. October 3rd! Please contact us if you're planning to attend.

Rosemary Pitruzzella.


Elvis Spotted in Piermont
Local legend Ric Pantale makes his first feature film

Kathy Gardner / The Journal News
From left, actor Paul Borghese of Tappan, director Ric Pantale of Valley Cottage, and actor Big Jim Wheeler of Nyack, discuss the logistics of a scene they are about to shoot in Piermont for the independent movie "Delilah Rose." The romantic comedy is being made by Piermont Pictures, the celebrated village video shop owned by Pantale.
Time to put the rumors to rest: No, it wasn’t actually the King’s ghost inhabiting The Castle of Piermont in May. It was just an Elvis impersonator recently released from a mental institution, a guy also pretending to be a government agent tracking terrorists in order to impress local charmer, Delilah Rose.

Well, sort of. Actually, it was actor Jim Wheeler of Nyack and the cast of the independent dramatic comedy Delilah Rose ( Wheeler, whose credits include The Manchurian Candidate, was playing the character of Big Al, complete with full Elvis getup and sideburns. Starring alongside him was former Tappan resident Paul Borghese (The Sopranos, Law & Order, and Trans America). The two strolled around the grounds of the grand 1845 home, built for Eleazer Lord of the Erie Railroad, which acts as a rooming house for Wheeler’s mentally unstable Al.

Valley Cottage Man Shoots First Feature-Length Film

Actors Mercedes Kent, left, Big Jim Wheeler of Nyack and Paul Borghese of Tappan discuss the logistics of a scene they are about to shoot Monday in Piermont for the independent movie Delilah Rose. The romantic comedy is being directed by Ric Pantale, who is the owner of Piermont Pictures Video, a celebrated village shop.


PIERMONT — With a script in hand, Ric Pantale stood next to two actors on the grounds of the village's castle and went through some dialogue.

The actors, Jim Wheeler and Paul Borghese, exchanged a few ideas with the Valley Cottage man, moments before cameras were set to roll.




Mercedes’s Musings

Hey all!

It would take me pages and pages to really get you up to speed on this project from the beginning, so I will try to just focus on some of the important points and turning points.

Ric started working on this script so long ago that I have lost track of when it started.

The casting came together slowly and in spurts, but Ric’s enthusiasm and confidence never wavered. Casting discussion ran the gamut from the girl down the street to the Hollywood A list. ....  

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