The Music  


Ric Pantale
The Writer &

  Mercedes Kent
Executive Producer
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Nicole Dimant
Location Manager

Ron Bucalo

Assistant Director/Special
Effects/Art Director

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Rosemary Pitruzzella
Production Manager

  Victoria Gable
Costume Designer
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Derek DiSeglio
Producer/ Editor/Grip/Boom Operator/ Set Design
  Jonathan Bell
Director of Photography / Editor
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Tom Nelson
  Juliet Stewart
Make-Up Artist
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Jim Keyes
Score, Music Coordinator
  Pam Butler
Make-Up Assistant
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Craig MacKenzie
  Chris Saffran
Script Continuity
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Louis Domenici
Prop Master
  Salvatore Pitruzzella
Production Assistant/
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Sara Guenther
Continuity Assistant
  Michael A. Witkowski
Still Photographer/
Production Assistant/ Grip/EMT
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Marco Pitruzzella
Production Assistant / Continuity Assistant
  Kurt Griffith
Web Site Maintenance
and Design
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Tanya Israel
Craft Services Assistant

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