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Mercedes Kent as
Delilah Rose
Well-liked, personable owner of Delilah's Cafe with a dark side
  Big Jim Wheeler as
Big Al
Good-natured Elvis look-alike. Recently released from a mental institution.
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Paul Borghese as
Spats is a carefree, funny man. Delilah’s cousin and a a cook in her café.
  David Myers Gregory as
Delilah’s no good abusive husband, with a taste for cheating and hunting.
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Victoria Gable as
A sensual brunette, and a waitress at Delilah’s Café, trying to win George.
  Alice Leon as
A waitress at Delilah’s Café
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Marina Ross as
Winter Rose
  Betty Winter as
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Blaise Gomez as
  Rosemary Pitruzzella as
Mrs. Langley
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Andrew Greenway as
  Susan Hovey as
Dr. Simpson

Charlene Stern as
Norma Bradburry
  Richard Stern as
Colonel Hazmat

Kelly Shaner as
Young Delilah Rose
  Nicole Dimant as
Dr. Landis
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Michael Fails as
Willy Panpipe
  Derek DiSeglio as
Sheriff Deputy/Bone Coots

Salvatore Pitruzzella as
  Jonathan Bell as
Johnny Ding

Vinny Vella as
Vinny the Fisherman
  Chris Saffran as
Sheriff Deputy

Terri Klausner as
Margrit Rose
  Louis Domenici as
Tod Wack'em
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Ken Kral as
Mr. Panpipe
  Darrell Larson as
“The Stranger”

Joseph Adams as
Axil Rose
  Ric Pantale as
Joe Bonomo
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